Re: Reflectors, Glass, and Fans

Justin Frese SAID:
>     You are right about the Reflective insulator most likely
>raising the tempereture of my bulbs.  I am in the works to add
>computer fans to get more cross venilation to cool the bulbs.  I might
>even get rid of the stuff and use it only on smaller tanks.  I think
>that the foil like surface skatters the light a bit much, and a flat
>glossy white SOMETHING will work better.

I am trying to clarify my understanding of the "white reflector."  As I 
understand it, the typical silver colored reflector, which I have seen called 
180 degree reflector and is basically a silver backing or thin film covering
half of the bulb.  Instead of a silver backing or film covering the bulb, 
you use a glossy white thin film backing instead?  I wonder why 
manufacturers don't use glossy white backing, if it is more efficient?

>     I do NOT however use any sort of glass to cover the top of my
>tank.  Sure the evaporation is about 1/2 gallon a day, but it doesnt
>bother me really. 
>     Glass can filter out some spectrum of light.  For example, that
>is one of many reasons why you will not see glass tops on good
>tropical reptile aquaria.  This is why you will not get a sun burn
>when in a car with the windows up, yet with them down, you get burned
>quickly.  Besides, if the glass is dirty due to water ripples, it
>serves only to be a further filter to the lighting setup you paid so
>much for.

What spectrum(s) of light does glass filter out?  Apparently UV light is one 
of them.  Does glass filter anything else?  How good or bad is it for 
"average" plant to filter out this spectrum?  What happens to the plants?  
If anybody can answer any of these questions, it would be very helpful to me.

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