Lighting FAQ and T-8 conversion

> Subject: Lighting FAQ

> Do we have a lighting FAQ?
> If we don't have a lighting FAQ, I volunteer to help coordinate 
> We have had some very excellent posts lately and in the past on 
> many different types of lighting available, options, DIY, etc.

I think it's a great idea!

BTW, I was talking to a lighting specialist last night, and he 
said that the kind of light drop-off George noticed on the Tritons 
 (and the other bulbs he mentioned), is to be expected if the 
bulbs are used without an electronic ballast.

Subject: Re: T-8 fluorescents

> So how do you convert T-12 fixture to fit T-8 tube ?
> 	1. Ballast:
> 	What is a good brand ? Where to get them ? Any mail order 
> 	?

The ones I use are Triad B232I120RH.  They will run 1 or 2 bulbs. 
 You can also get ballasts to run up to 4 bulbs, but I don't know 
the serial#.  I get mine from a club member in the lighting 
business, but I would think that with that information, you could 
probably get a lighting supplier to order them for you.
> 	2. End caps:
> 	Do I need to replace the end caps since T-8 has 1 inch >	
diameter and T-12 has 1.5 inch diameter ?

No, the end caps are the same.
> 	3. Starter:
> 	Do I need a starter with the electronic ballast ?

> Is there any T-8 tube for 18" fixture ?

Sorry, I can't answer that one.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA