SAE diagnosis needed

Can someone help me save an SAE's life? I've had three SAEs for almost a
year--originally two 1" and one 2". They've all doubled in size. I didn't
think they'd grow so quickly.

This morning I found a small one dead and the other small one barely moving
but with a case of shivers, i.e., he shivers all over now and then. The
large one shows no ill effects at all.

They are in a 10-gallon plant tank (waiting for their new 40-gallon home to
be set up). Water conditions are fine and haven't changed (0 ammonia, 0
nitrites, 0 nitrates, pH stable at 7.0). Temp is stable at 76F. They have
lived peaceably with some young dwarf gouramis (none longer than 1") for
about three months. All the gouramis are healthy.

I did remove a large floating watersprite yesterday to make room for the
fish. The plant's roots were occupying half the tank. But there have been
no changes otherwise.


Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
gtong at sirius_com

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