Re:Rambling CO2 notes

     I once had a reactor quite like yours.  ONCE...  I hated that
thing!  It was so ugly and clumsy, that I said forget it, and came up
with a different plan.  I have a pair of Penguin back filters going,
so I thought I'd put them to work.  I just took the end of the outlet
tube from my CO2 generator, and stuck it in the uptake tube.  The
impeller shreds the CO2 bubbles  into a fine mist, and admitadly, it
does make noise, somewhat like pouring water into a fan, but that way
I can tell in an instant when my CO2 generators are quitting.  (Oh
yeah, I have 2 of them, one 2 liter bottle for each filter)  
      Another thing I noticed.  you mentioned how to use rubber
stoppers to cap the generator.  Why use rubber stoppers and copper
tubing?  Maybe the bottle had a metal cap.  I take the cap of the 2
liter bottle, drill a hole, barely smaller than an air hose adapter
(the type you use to join two pieces of air tubing together  ==|== ),
and jam it in the hole!  I dont even need any silicone sealer.  It is
VERY tight.  That way you can use regular air hose instead of copper
      Are there any advantages to Hard lines vs. soft for CO2?

      By the way, I always wondered, How are you going to siphon your
tank dry with a closed system?  All you are going to do is fill up
your generator with a bit of tank water?  

Justin Frese
Fresno Ca, USA
justinf at zimmer_csufresno.edu