fw:Ottawa Aquarium Stores

Hi Canadians,

Could you help Ian out?  In spite of the "ca" domain in my email address,
I live in North Carolina, USA.

Shaji Bhaskar, BNR, 35 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27713, USA
Email: bhaskar at bnr_ca                          Work Phone: (919) 991 7125

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Nov 03 11:25:00 1995

 From:       ianphil at bnr_ca  (Ian McPherson)
 Subject:    Ottawa Aquarium Stores

Hi Shaji,

I've recently subscribed to the Aquatic-Plants group and have noticed that
you are submitting from the Ottawa area.  I'm going to be in Ottawa next
week and I'm wondering if you could let me know where some good 
aquarium stores are.  I'm looking for possible sources for "Dupla" products
and laterite for my 95 gallon "diamond" shaped tank.  I've got the fish
thing under control but haven't been took successful with plants yet.

Ian McPherson