Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #49

 >>  From:       ianphil at bnr_ca  (Ian McPherson) Subject:    Ottawa
 >> Aquarium Stores  Hi Shaji,  I've recently subscribed to the
 >> Aquatic-Plants group and have noticed that you are submitting from
 >> the Ottawa area.  I'm going to be in Ottawa next week and I'm
 >> wondering if you could let me know where some good  aquarium stores
 >> are.  I'm looking for possible sources for "Dupla" products and
 >> laterite for my 95 gallon "diamond" shaped tank.  I've got the fish
 >> thing under control but haven't been took successful with plants yet.
 >> Thanks.  Ian McPherson

Don't know a thing about Ottawa, but here is a mail order source for Dupla

3340F Land Drive
Fort Wayne, IN