Re: CO2 Regulations in Canada

Bryan Klompas asked:
> 1.  Someone told me that its a real hassle to get CO2
> refills in Canada.  Has this been a problem for any one?  I
> live in Toronto - if anyone knows of a good source I'd 
> appreciate the tip.

Not at all. CO2 is readily available in Canada albeit at
higher prices than the US. I've heard quotes of ~$20Cdn
for a 20lb bottle. Look up welding supply places in your
yellow pages; they can supply the tank, gauges, regulator
and needle valves although you're probably better to
search out alternatives for the last three items. CO2 
bottles can be converted from O2 bottles but must be
recertified. CO2 is used for an inert welding gas to
prevent oxidation of certain hot metals. - Steve