Light Reflectors and Earthworm Castings

Subject: light reflectors


> In the last week there was a question of the value of the aquari
> flourescent tube external reflectors.  Since I am setting up a l
> system for a 45, I was in the hardware store looking for stuff t
> weekend.  I have two ideas for a reflecting backing.
>  - white vinyl flooring.  cheap, waterproof, easily installed
>  - tin foil. even cheaper, but not very structural, difficult to

From what I have been told by lighting experts, foil is less 
reflective than a plain white glossy surface becase it scatters 
the light.  Polished metal reflectors don't scatter light the way 
foil does.

Subject: Re: earthworm castings

Stephen Pushak asks:

> Karen, are Crypts generally lovers of rich, muddy substrates > 

From what I've been told by collectors, they are extremely 
variable.  The same species can be found in mud or in a rocky 
stream bed.  But I think _generally_ they prefer a richer 
substrate, particularly in the aquarium.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA