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 >> Well, when I was talking about delicate I ment - it doesn't
 >> like too many and too aggressive fish, it adapts to the tank
 >> for a VERY long time (over 2 weeks until it starts behaving
 >> normally, I've adapted mine twice so it's not a one-time
 >> experience) and it dies easily with lack of oxygen, which
 >> can happen in heavily planted tanks.

 KAR> I have no experience with Farlowellas, but O2 levels are _no_ 
 KAR> problem in my planted tanks.  The ones with supplemental CO2 run  about
 KAR> 11 mg/l during the photoperiod, and have only dropped to 
 KAR> around 8 mg/l by just before the lights come on in the morning.

 KAR> My non-CO2 tanks don't get as high, but they don't drop much below  8
 KAR> mg/l at night either.

Well, then Farlowellas should be suitable for you, I was
just saying that compared to the Ancistrus for example this
is not a hardy fish and demands much more care...

I've seen an Ancistrus live two days in a tank, where
someone dumped a load of sugar a week earlier, the bacterial
bloom was incredible, about 20 dead african cichlids
floating, and the Ancistrus only lost parts of their tails.
It was in my neighbour's tank (the guy should never have had
an aquarium...) and I took those 2 Ancistrus from him,
discovering later that they were two males (and I had 3
females already, so i was happy!). But after I saw this I
can easily say that I've never yet seen a fish so hardy in
my life.

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