Re: New tank problems, cont. :(

In reply to: Mike Bateman <vandi at well_com>
>Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 18:52:10 -0700
>Subject: New tank problems, cont. :(

>>The water has been cloudy for about 2 weeks now and
hasn't shown any indication of clearing.  Although I didn't want to
invest in a diatom filter, I might have to so I can enjoy the tank.  My
other tanks have always cleared up in a week or so if they became cloudy
at all.<<

Do you have any wood in the tank?  When we added a LARGE piece of thoroughly
boiled wood to our newish 55 (had been running perhaps a month), we had
cloudy water for 2-3 weeks.  I was convinced for a while that I must've
smashed one of our cories under the wood, because the water was cloudy for so
long (the wood was weighted w/large rocks to keep it down until fully
saturated).  But like you, no elevation in ammonia, nitrite or nitrate (had
very minimal cycling disturbance in this tank, which was well seeded w/gravel
from an established tank).

The water did clear up eventually, with no assistance from us other than
usual water changes.  And the missing cory was eventually spotted, alive,
with the rest of the herd - so it wasn't her decay that clouded the water.
I'd sit tight on the cloudy water for a while, as long as tests indicate safe
conditions for the fish.  BTW - you can feed your farlies Hikari algae wafers
if you don't have fresh vegies (zucchini etc) on hand.  They are mighty
slender fish in any case!

Anne Hull Seales
Santa Cruz CA