Re: Algae Eaters and pH

Subject: Algae eaters and pH

> Well, when I was talking about delicate I ment - it doesn't
> like too many and too aggressive fish, it adapts to the tank
> for a VERY long time (over 2 weeks until it starts behaving
> normally, I've adapted mine twice so it's not a one-time
> experience) and it dies easily with lack of oxygen, which
> can happen in heavily planted tanks.

I have no experience with Farlowellas, but O2 levels are _no_ 
problem in my planted tanks.  The ones with supplemental CO2 run 
about 11 mg/l during the photoperiod, and have only dropped to 
around 8 mg/l by just before the lights come on in the morning.

My non-CO2 tanks don't get as high, but they don't drop much below 
8 mg/l at night either.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA