Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #8

> Q2: If a hospital tank is required; what is the "best" way to set
> one up? I am concerned about ammonia and nitrite problems in
> establishing a hospital tank.
> Steve

  I have a 20g tank which runs mainly on an UGF.  I also have an 
Aquaclear mini behind the tank which I always run so it will always be 
going. When I need to treat a fish, I just move the filter over.  This 
may not help you, but if you are starting a new filter, remember that 
it's the media that really has to be started.  So, I would use the same 
kind of filter for the hospital tank that you use in the main tank.  When 
you set up the hospital tank, take over some of the media from the 
established tank.  This will be gravel for an UGF or, well, the media of 
a BTT filter.

  Good luck with the ich.