Re: New Plant Tank Advice

Chuck wrote:

> That's certainly a potential, but I was concerned if it'd be a problem
> running the MH for 11 hours, and then 30 - 60 watts of fluorescents for
> another 4-5 hours (half before MH, half after) to increase viewing time.
> Is that likely to put the plants off their cycle?  Or would minimal fl.
> lighting be meaningless compared to the intense MH?

The 12 hr lighting cycle can be important to some plants I think esp.
banana plant, Aponogetons and others which have desirable or undesirable
seasonal growth patterns based upon lighting duration, temp., water
conditions. Those behaviours aren't obvious in most plants however so
may not be a concern to you. More importantly is to not provide more
light than may be used efficiently by the plants. This allows algae
to get a head start and propagate. I wish there was a better way to know
how much is appropriate; it seems you have to be real careful when
increasing lighting levels. Be prepared to shorten the duration. Other
wise your tank may have an algae plague like mine which developed in
about a week.

> >Loam = black dirt. Earth worm castings is fine and you can find
> >that at a garden shop. 
> Would it be labeled as Earthworm Castings?

Yes, it will say that in addition to the manufacturer's name. If you ask
they should know where it is.

> is the Kelly method online on any of the web sites?

Probably but I don't know. I'll send it to you.