Diatom filters & algae blooms

Just a follow-up on my previous question ... as Karen said, diatom
filters do indeed remove suspended algae. I bought a Vortex diatom
filter and put it to work on a 35g with pea-soup water. And <presto>
... clear water within 15 minutes (leaving the filter bag a very
satisfying bright green color). I raised the MH pendant, cut back the
timer to 8 hours, temporarily suspended using the Dupla drops, and
the bloom has yet to return (after 5 days). We'll see.

It was an intesting situation - no algae on the plants or glass (thanks to
SAEs, black mollies and a *wonderful* farlowella) yet water so full of
algae you couldn't see the back of the tank. A first for me!

Dan Resler

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