fw:Roof de-icing cables

Here's some forwarded email.

And a comment on using de-icing cables.  They run at 110V in the US,
don't they?  That's a potential hazard.  If they leak, one could get
zapped badly.  On the other hand, people put 110V heaters into their
tanks without a second thought.

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Oct 03 08:14:00 1995
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 Subject:    Roof de-icing cables

Has anyone ever considered using roof de-icing cables for substrate heating? 
 They're on sale this week at the hardware store, and I've been thinking all 
evening if they would serve our purpose.

From what I can see, we wouldn't need to worry about putting them under 
water, because they're already waterproof.  What else do we need to 
consider?  The company doesn't garantee them for any other use than on 
rooftops, and doesn't recommend using them when temperatures are above 0 
Celcius (freezing point).  Why not?  It doesn't say how hot the cables get. 
 What would be the limit for our purpose?  Any other thoughts? Warnings?


Christelle          christel at gov_nb.ca