New plants - please help identify


I was lucky enough to buy a flowering Saggitaria today,
however I am unable to identify the species correctly and
I'm seeking help.

The leaves are now about 8 to 10 inches long, about 1/2 to
3/4 of an inch in width, the root is bulby (don't know how
to say it in English, it's not just long thin roots, but
also a long, thick one in the middle...) and some leaves get
wider at the end where they start to look like Echinodorus
leaves if not fot the stem-part which is thick like the rest
of Saggitaria leaves. The flowers are on a stiff pole, I
believe 3 of them in a triangular setup, the ones that
opened are white, the ones closed look like a little green
ball with hair on it, and three small leaves surrounding it
from the bottom.

I also bought some new Hygrophila plants today (I have 2
tanks with plants, one is an Acanthae family tank with
Hygrophilas, Synnemas, etc., the other is a SA tank with
Echionodorus, Cabombas, Ludwigias, Heterantheras,
Saggitarias, etc.), and again, no luck in idenifying them :(
The first one has leaves that resemble leaves of the
hazelnut tree and it's called "hazelnut hygrophila" in
Poland. I'm seeking its latin name. Another attractive one
is reddish in colour, has thin short leaves (about 0.2 an
inch in width and about 1 to 2 inches in length) the
underside of the leaf is much darker (approaching red) and
it has little flowers on the stem, which look like little
green wine-glasses.

Anyone can help in identifying those?

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