I decided to make an experiment today, please tell me if it
might work.

Since I have too many Hygrophila glabra plants in my tank I
decided to try and let some of them grow emmersively.
However, I have no setup for this, so i took some old plant
boxes, glued the holes in the bottom, so that the water
won't leak, put some gravel in there, put some water so that
the whole rooting system and some of the stem is in water,
and stuck about 10 young plants in there with some
submersive leaves though which now are on open air. I
realize they might die because of the lack of water, but
will the plant itself survive and grow emmersive leaves?

I did the same thing with my dying Echinodorus
ascherschonicus. It seems that this plant cannot survive un
the tank, as every leaf it opens is white :( So I decided to
stick it into a separate plant-box, and see how it does in
gravel with low water level. I hope it survives this brootal

What can I add to the water or to the gravel now to promote
growth of these plants?

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