Re: Echonidorus Damage

"David Huie" <David.Huie at Bentley_COM> wrote:
>      The leaves have been growing for a week now 
>      with no new damage now that I put the Panaque in my little anubias 
>      tank...apparently those leaves are too tough to be effected.

Dave, I think your anubias may not be safe.
My Royal Pleco sure damaged anubias leaves.

>      Anyone have any recommendations on good stem plants for 18" tall 
>      tanks.  My h. polysperma gets too wiry when you have to cut it so 
>      often so it doesn't grow out of the water.  The rotala rotundafolia 
>      looks fairly good, though.  Any other recommendations?  I need 
>      high-light eaters and preferrably something red-brown...but green's 
>      good, too.

I believe some red varieties of Ludwigia will be good for you.
Rotala macrandra may be also good if you can get some not-so-damaged stems.

I would strongly recommend Bacopa caroliniana, too.  This plant is easy,
cheap, beautiful, and grows straight up towards the light.  (For me, it
also grows at optimum speed.) Although it's basically green, it gets a bit
red-brown in bright light.

 - Shinji