Re: Smelly bubbles

> From: Don Funk <donfu at microsoft_com>
> I haven't noticed any smell at all but with so few of the bubbles, it 
> would really tax my nose to smell anything<g>.

If the bubbles were just a few small ones, only at the edges, it
could be O2. If it's found in the gravel and produces large bubbles
when you stir or poke the gravel, then it's probably the bad stuff.
Another possibility is SO2 which is also toxic and has the rotten
egg smell but not as deadly as H2S. Remember that these gases are
also soluble in water and quite toxic to your fish if the
concentration is great enough. It would be wise to use vigorous
aeration and activated carbon filtration if this condition is
found. I believe there is a simple test for H2S gas; some kind
of test paper, if I remember back to my chem class in 1st year 

If your plants are growing; roots not blackened; fish not dying,
then you're probably fine. This only happens in very neglected