> From: WORKINGSW at aol_com
> Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 14:37:28 -0400
> Subject: Re: Sources for pennywort/ID questions

> >>Secondly, I bought a plant IDed at the store as "Pusillia sp."
> plant with grasslike leaves about 3-5 mm across and 40-50 mm lon
> know what it might be?<<
> My bet would be Acorus gramineus v. pusillus.  This is not a tru
> though some folks have luck with it for a while... prefers coole
> looks great in terrestrial bonsai plantings & would probably be 
> palludarium.  If you end up liking it, the cheapest way to buy m
> regular plant nursury - just be sure to root prune it hard befor
> it lest ye get stinking mass o' rotting roots.

I have had the same Acorus plant in my aquarium for 4 years now.  
It has increased steadily, and I have given pieces to other 
aquarists.  It has done equally well for them, with or without CO2 
or high lighting.  The tank I keep it in is about 76F.  Oh, BTW, 
at one point, after hearing that it did better emersed, I took a 
division and tried to grow it on the window sill.  Even under 
plastic to keep the humidity up, it never did as well as in the 
tank.  I finally gave it to a friend who put it in his tank, and 
two years later it is still doing great.

I'm not sure which sp./variety it is that I'm keeping, but it is 
small, so I suspect that it is pusillus.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA