Re: Addendum: (Strange water values)

> From: Matt Rhoten <mrhoten at oz_net>
> I'm also interested in hearing about people's CO2 reactor designs.
> Given the very soft water here, I'd feel
> safer being able to see the bubbling occur; I realize that's a little
> irrational, since one gets much better information from
> hardness/pH. Call me crazy.

OK, you're crazy. (some of these requests are a bit bizarre?)
No, quite contrary, the bubble count is very important because it tells
you right away when things are working properly. You need 1 bubble
from 2 - 10 seconds or so. The CO2 concentration is fairly stable at
that injection rate, it doesn't double if you double the bubble rate.
If you wait several days before you notice the pH has shot up, its
too late to realize you've developed a leak in the CO2 system.