Black Echonidorus

     Has anyone seen or heard of the newly refined "Black" mellon sword 
     (echonidorus osiris black) that has been cultured...I think in 
     Holland.  Mike T. down at Delaware Aquatics said it was not 
     commercially available when he spoke to our club back in October, but 
     wondered whether or not it was available in Europe or elsewhere yet.  
     I'm sure it'll be an expensive plant, but can't help being curious 
     whether it's available yet.
     And, someone gave me a great answer as to what he thought the holes in 
     my echonidorus were resultant from--a shortage of 
     something--potassium, maybe....unfortunately, I lost all my email and 
     hoped whoever it was could resply again as to what deficiency may be 
     causing the swiss-cheese-ification of my echonidorus....since it 
     probably is not the malaysian snails.
     Dave Huie