Re: Bubbles

>From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
>Date: Sun, 17 Sep 95 17:57:03 PDT
>Subject: Bubbles
>Would you say oxygen bubble production is NECESSARY to a successful plant tank?
> I have a fairly high-tech plant tank (no substrate heat, only diy co2 at the
>moment) and no bubbles.  I have not changed any water in the last 40 days and
>the tank is heavily stocked with fish which are heavily fed.  The fish are
>doing great (the neons spawn almost daily) and the plants grow some, but no
>bubbles and no great spurts of plant growth.  No need to thin (yet).  The tank
>is about 6 months under its present management.  Am I being impatient or is
>there some reason for concern?  Here are the nitty details:

Three things: 
	1. 40 days without water changes
	2. ugf with 50gph powerhead
This means that the only source of oxygen in the water comes from the plant.

	3. heavily stocked with fish
And the fish use them all up. 

If you want to see bubbles, do more frequent water changes. I notice that
my plants produce significantly mroe bubbles during the first week after water
change (I do it once every 2 weeks).