Re: Laterite in bulk


If you do order some laterite in bulk as Earle suggested, I would be interested
in splitting the cost with you.  I only want about 5# though.  50# is just too
much for me! 

Also, i guess I missed something, but could you please explain to me what
"The George's" Video & book are.

> From: "Wilson, Jon,       INET  ----" <jwilson at b856s3_ssc.af.mil>
> Date: Wed, 06 Sep 95 11:16:00 PDT
> Subject: Where to get Dupla products mail order?

The best place (with the best prices) IMHO is Daleco 1-800-987-1120.  The
prices are better for larger quantities.  You probably want to get the
Duplaplant tablets (e.g. 10 tablets for $9.29, 50 tablets for $26.69), 
Duplaplant 24 drops (e.g. 10 ml for $7.49, 50 ml for $21.95, 100ml for $33.89),
and Duplagan liquid (e.g. 100ml for $8.49, 250 ml for $14.95, 500 ml for $23.95)