Source for Peat, where to put it.

I've been reading a lot about "peat" and "peat moss" and
its potential assorted benefits in the aquarium.  Like George,
I tend to like some level of "artificial neatness" in my
tanks, and wasn't planning on using it.  However, I've come
back full-circle and now would like to try peat to lower my
pH, add nutrients for plants, etc.  (I'm going for a more
acidic South American setup).

I couldn't find in the FAQ any references to "which" peat
is ok.  Is any peat moss from the garden shop ok?  I 
understand that something high in phosphorous or undecayed
organic matter can be a problem...

I'm looking here at "Peat Plates" (3 for $4.89) in the Pet
Warehouse catalog.  They are essentially being advertised
as a growing medium for plant roots.  Is this the way to
go?  Sounds kind of expensive.

Also, I'm thinking I want to put a bunch of peat down in
my sump that pumps directly into the substrate (I have
another sump that pumps into the main tank body).  I was
a little reluctant to actually put the peat in the substrate,
because it's harder to remove from the substrate than from
the sump (can I easily control the pH? Are there other effects
that I won't like?).  It would be nice to have that medium in the
substrate as a root media, though, and I'm not worried about
anaerobic decay because I have good circulation potential in
the substrate.  What should I do?

--new to the peat concept, charley
charleyb at gr_hp.com	or	charley at agrostis_nrel.colostate.edu