Effects of peat & tannic acids

> From: stevensj at calshp_cals.wisc.edu
> I would like to know what others on this list think of these statements,
> particularly those of you who have used peat in the substrate.  

I would speculate that TOA is concerned with reduction of light levels
and getting the water too soft when peat is used to create
"blackwater" type conditions.  I would not see peat in the substrate
doing the same things.

> George, you once mentioned that you thought Duplagan might contain hummic
> compounds - why would Dupla put these in Duplagan if the book says they
> are bad?  Should I just not be believing everything I read? :-).

Well I don't know.  Just making uneducated guesses here.  If they told
you Duplagan was just peat water, you probably won't pay $12.98 for
500 ml, would you?