re:Substrate Heaters, Photography, Algae Eaters, Substrate

>I was just wondering
>if two or three submersible heaters buried in the substrate and controlled
>by a timer, would function similarly
>to cables in SMALL (ie. <20 gal-ish) setups. This seems to be too obvious to
>have been ignored, but I didn't
>read about it this weekend. Obviously, this is too cumbersome for larger
>tanks. So... any thoughts ?? I'm sure
>it's effectiveness depends on your gravel thickness and spacing of the
>heaters, but they could be added to 
>established tanks without too much disturbance. Over to you.....

All of the submersible heaters I've seen clearly state that they are not 
designed to be used while buried in the gravel.  I suspect that this is because 
of the location of the thermostat in the heater and the need for circulation 
around the heater.

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