Brackish Paladrium

I'm setting up a 40 gallon tank to house a few mudskippers and some other
brackish critters.  I'm using beach sand for a substrate and my salinity
will run about 20% that of sea water (1.004?).  I'd be grateful if any of
you folks could tell me what plants would do well in this setup, both
emersed and non-emersed.  I seem to recall that Java fern will do OK, if
anyone could confirm that.  Also, a pamphlet at my pet store said that
crypts could grow out of the water (that's emersed, right?), if planted
along the sand-water boundary,  but that sounds far fetched to me.  Can
anyone verify this?  Thanks, 
Joe W. Clyde- 
jobiwan at whidbey_com 
"I'm out of sick leave, so I'm calling in dead"