Re: Wisconsin natives


Thanks for the info on the light bulbs, I'll try to get to the hardware
store tonight.

> P.S. Remember that if you are going to try using Wisconsin native plants, 
> they will go into "hibernation" in the fall, even if you keep them warm.  
> Tends to make for an unattractive plant for several months of the year... if 
> you can bring them back.  You might be happier using southern species of the 
> same genera.

Well, hubby & I went plant hunting last night almost at dusk (just cause we
both worked late, not cause we were trying to be sneaky).  We scooped a
bucket in & got many unidentifiable (using aqurium plant books) plants,
but did get some very healthy looking stuff which I'm sure is hornwort (much
thicker than what I've grown in my tanks but similar to the way I've seen
it arrive at the fish store) and some very thin looking elodea.  Their
"health status" was probably due to the lake ph (>8.0).  I'll see how they
do in the tank at pH 7.6.

I have also already thrown in some hornwort, hygrophila & a lawn-like plant
(can't think of the name right now) from my other tanks.  Plants have been
growing in my other tanks very slowly lately - msaybe too many allechemicals?
It will be interesting to see how these cuttings take off in a new tank.

stevensj at calshp_cals.wisc.edu

P.S. Greg, I don't have a soft-copy but I do have a hard copy I can
photocopy & send to you if you want to send me your postal address.

> Subject: Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms
> > (I'm basing this diagnosis on the info in the  COMMON SYMPTOMS OF
> > NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY IN AQUATIC PLANTS which was posted Sun, 25 Jun,
> > Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #146 by Neil Frank (a table he adapted from
> > Jacobsen, Niels. AQUARIUM PLANTS (1979).  Blandford Press Ltd.).
> Would anyone be able to send me a copy or tell me how to get hold of a
> copy? Thanks.
> Greg. Tong
> gtong at sirius_com