Need to abandon the administration of the list

Because of personal reasons, I must abandon the administration of the mailing
list, at least for a while.  

I will not have accesss to the Internet for a few weeks at least, because
of some unexpected changes at home.

So, I'll leave it to the subscribers to pick a new administrator. The
work uses up about 15 minutes a day, requires a reasonably reliable news
feed, and preferrably some knowledge of Internet email.

The administrator will also have to become familiar with the Majordomo
mailing list management software, but this should be no big deal.  An archie
search should locate tons of documentation.  Also, the administrator will
have to coordinate things with Mark Rosenstein (mar at actwin_com) to change
ownership of the list.

May I suggest Erik Olson?  If he does not have the time, maybe he can help
coordinate the choice of the new administrator.

In the meantime, the list will have to run on autopilot.  The digests
will continue to come throgh, but bounced messages may not get
forwarded, and some subscription/unsubscription commands may not work.

I apologize again for the inconvenience. Looking forward to rejoining
the list soon,

Shaji Bhaskar                                              bhaskar at bnr_ca
BNR, 35 Davis Dr., RTP, NC 27709, USA                      (919) 991 7125