Re: Custom Tank

>> From: pevad at islandnet_com (Paul Evad)
>> What we have to work with is about a 36" W x 48" deep x 24-30" tall area (a
>> fairly big, box like tank) sitting just off the floor. It's a concrete slab
>> so I suggested that we build a 1-3" wooden platform to put the tank on. 
>This doesn't give you much head room for lights or getting in to insert plants
>in the substrate...

Actually if you look at the original diagram, there will be a lot of room
to get in from the Kitchen side, as the tank will protrude about 12" into
the kitchen area. 

>Is the tank going to be at eye level? That's preferable.

No this tank will be sitting low on the floor. I do agree that eye level is
preferable, but not practical in this case. 

Thanks for the advice on the filtration. He will be having fish in this
tank as well as plants (though he's not sure what kind yet). 

>results he's probably seen in pictures of show aquariums. The idea of situating
>terrestrial or amphibious plants around and near the tank is an excellent one
>I think. George Booth has an extremely attractive setup like this which I
>admired on the tape he sent me recently.
>- - Steve

Sounds nice. Are there any shots up on the Krib for the rest of us to see?

- Paul

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