Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #191

     First of all, I want to thank everyone for their quick response to my 
     tragedy and to all the good info on how to rebuild with a safer 
     I am lead to two main unanimous suggestions:
     1.  Get a needle valve
     2.  Don't lower the pH so drastically to begin with.
     As far as the first suggestion is concerned, I agree wholeheartedly, 
     but have no idea where to go to get one.  Any suggestions on supply 
     houses that sell the right kind of needle valves and what 
     specifications I should be looking for when purchasing (including 
     price and other technical specs).
     As far as the second suggestion, I guess I really didn't need the pH 
     that low except for my apistogrammas which are now dead...my new fish 
     are fine and dandy at 6.8 (rather than 6.2) so I'll just keep it there 
     in the hopes that even if my regulator blows out, and my needle valve 
     blows out, then at least the pH doesn't have far to go if the tank 
     runs out of CO2 etc.
     Can anyone sell me on the idea of getting a fully automated system.
     Also, where in the world can I buy these Sandpoint or other reactors?  
     Even That Fish Place does not sell them.  Any help or phone numbers 
     you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise I may be 
     stuck going back to the inefficient setup I had before which probably 
     was the major cause of my blowout.
     Last but not least, anyone in the Allentown, PA area who would like to 
     order Siamese Flying Foxes.  I'll have to replace 5 of mine which died 
     and the shipping from Albany Aquarium is $35...I'd like to be able to 
     split that with anyone out here who'd like to have a couple SAE's...I 
     think they're about $8 apiece...but well worth it for those of you who 
     are cursed with the dreaded brush algae like me.
     Also, anyone ever see an echonidorus flower?  I think mine is about 
     to--I have a bud hanging on a stem 3" out of the water for two days 
     now... I think it's a bud which is about to bloom--it's not a baby 
     plant--those look distinctly different--I have another branch with one 
     of those right now...and as far as that's concerned, when a baby plant 
     grows on the end of a stem--should you cut it off when it reaches an 
     appropriate size AT the internode it has grown from to allow the other 
     internodes to grow into baby plants?  Will the other internodes grow 
     leaves or not I guess is the real question I'm asking here.