Re: Help! Too much CO2

>It occurred to me that perhaps all those problems in Joanne's tank could
>have been caused if the fermenter bottle burped up some of the yeast-sugar
>mixture into the tank.  Could something like that happen?
>Paul Krombholz

I've accidentally caused one of my yeast generators to "burp" into two of my 
tanks before.  

On my show tank (55g), the only noticeable result was a film on the surface of 
the water.  I think my trickle filter may have had a big effect on things here.

On one of my 10g maintenance tanks, I also run CO2.  This tank has no 
filtration or water movement of any kind and I run the lights 24H a day.  I use 
this tank to grow green algae for snails.  When it spewed into that tank, the 
water grew cloudy.  It took about two months, but the water cleared again 
eventually.  I was a bit disappointed that my cloudy water went away, because I 
wanted to grow daphnia in the tank, but I think I can reproduce the conditions 
that caused the "problem" in the first place without too much trouble.

Subj: Pond Snails

On another note, I've noticed that my pond snails seem to be less hardy than 
certain other types of snails.  If I were to rank my snails as to their 
hardiness, I'd say the red ramshorns are the hardiest, the pond snails are 
second, and the apple snails are last.  From my observations, it looks like 
pond snails need nutrition other than just plant matter to survive.  I'm not 
sure about this, but I've found that in my tanks with apple snails and my tank 
with red ramshorns and pond snails, the pond snails don't do very well if just 
fed algae, particularly green algae.  They did seem to do relatively well in 
another maintenance tank with anacharis until I turned on the trickle filter 
and they all got sucked down the drain (about 2 weeks).  (This method is by far 
the most effective way I've found yet to remove snails from an aquarium.)  Does 
anyone else have any information on other unconventional ways of removing pond 
snails from the tank?  I've also found that a piece of meat on the bottom of 
the tank attracts them quickly. (Dead fish too.)

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