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Subject: Re: Nitrates (was HELP!  High CO2)
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> Subject: Re: HELP!  High CO2
> Joanne,
> Your upset nitrogen cycle and the hard water partial change rang a 
> bell. Have you checked for nitrates in your tap water? Many hard water 
> areas receive agricultural runoff into the aquifers, and can show up 
> with surprisingly high levels of nitrates. We sure get it, at times, 
> here in Santa Clara. They too, can distress fish.
> Wright


I did not check the nitrates in the water, but the nitrates in that
tank were below 10 ppm on Saturday so I took about 5 gals water from
another tank that had nitrates >40 ppm & "swapped" it with 5 gals
water in that tank.  I hoped that might also help with the nitrogen