Re: R.O. flow question

>From: Alan B Holloway <llabh at utxdp_dp.utexas.edu>
>Date: Thursday, 13 Jul 95 08:50:58 CST
>Subject: R.O. flow question
>Hello Everybody:
>I finally made the plunge and bought a 50-gallon per day R.O. unit, a TFC type
>from Kent Marine.  Their literature warns users that it may take a week for the
>unit to become completely hydrated, and which time it will perform at full cap-
>acity.  Has anyone else out there found that this warning dovetails with their
>own experience?  I estimate my output at day two at about 20 gallons per 24
>hours.  Perhaps my water mains have below normal pressure?  Any feedback would
>be helpful.

I recently bought a SpectraPure 50 gpd unit.  It seemed to fall a bit short of
50 gpd the first time I filled my 55 gallon drum, but it seems to be fine
since then.  Mine has a pressure gauge and it normally reads around 35 psi.
I've been told that the warmer the water temp, the slower the output?  Do I
have that backwards?
Mark A. Thompson - rrs0062 at ibm_net