Re: Growing Anubias emersed

> From: Peter Konshak <pkonshak at fiat_gslis.utexas.edu>
> It seems like I heard somewhere that Anubias species will grow much 
> quicker if grown emersed.  I have several specimens that aren't doing 
> much right now, and might give this a try.  I was thinking about putting 
> them in a spare 10 gallon tank about half filled, and leaving out on my 
> porch.  The porch gets about 6 hours of direct sun.  Of course it is also 
> about 95-100 every day here in Central Texas.
That's HOT! I had a bad experience with my philodendron when I left it
on a sundeck one hot summer day. The temperature on the sundeck was probably
close to 100 and all the leaves directly facing the sun turned brown and
looked quite horrible. Direct sunlight + H2O = blue-green algae mass.
How about covering the water with aluminum foil?
 - Steve