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>NOTE:  The Nitro-Bacter (good Bacteria for the Nitrogen Cycle) need 
>Oxygen too, and since your tank appears to be low on Oxygen and high on 
>CO2, then the Nitro-Bacter will start dying, and then Ammonia will appear.  
>If you could see the Nitro-Bacter with your naked eye, they would be reacting
>the same way your fish are, gasping for breath and dying off).


>Making water changes aggrevated the situation by diluting the percentage
>(amount) of Nitro-Bacter in the water.  

Not true.  99% of the "Nitro-Bacter" are not in the water, they are on the substrate,
glass, filter tubes, etc.  You could change ALL of the water in the tank and (as long
as the water was within the correct parameters) you would see very little drop in
the Nitro-Bacter.  Water changes do NOT hurt.  JMHO.