Re: Possible fertilizer? (chelated Fe w/ minerals)

> From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
> The ratio of Fe to Mn is 4:1 in the hydroponic mix that
> I use, so maybe more Mn would be preferable. Also there
> is no molybdenum.

What's the formula for your hydroponic mix?  Iron seems to be
disproportionately high in many of the commercial fertilizers.
Possibly this is because flowers like roses might want more
iron for the bright colours or because the iron chelate might
be less stable or tends to wash away in the soil more?  Maybe
horticulturists over estimate the value of iron in proportion
to the other micro-nutrients or perhaps aqua-culturists over
estimate the value of other nutrients in proportion to iron or
perhaps aquatic plants just need less iron.  Maybe the aquatic
plants could handle the iron just fine but its the toxic
effects on the other life forms that aqua-culturists are
concerned about.  Can anybody shed any light on this?  I
suspect it's true that aquatic plants require proportionally
less iron than roses and other flowers.

  - Steve