I was going to ask Karen Randall on Compuserve, but I've just realized 
she is also on this list. What a great list!

Karen, I read your post regarding using small heaters in UGF uplift tubes
in the FISHNET with interest. It sounds like it could work in my case. My
tank has an UGF plate installed, but it is not been used. I went to look 
for the 7.5 watt heaters in the local stores, but they are nowhere to be 
found. Could you give me a bit more detail on the type of heaters you 
used? What is the brand name/model number etc? What about the 
manufacturer's name? Perhaps I could get my local store to order it...


P.S. Erik, should some of the "el-cheapo" heating cables alternatives and 
or other experimental "low-tech" takeoff of "high-tech" stuff be 
included as part of your wonderful http site?

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