RE: R.O. flow question

> From: Alan B Holloway <llabh at utxdp_dp.utexas.edu>

> I finally made the plunge and bought a 50-gallon per day R.O. unit, a TFC 
> from Kent Marine.  Their literature warns users that it may take a week 
> the
> unit to become completely hydrated, and which time it will perform at full
> cap-
> acity.  Has anyone else out there found that this warning dovetails with 
> own experience?  I estimate my output at day two at about 20 gallons per 
> hours.  Perhaps my water mains have below normal pressure?  Any feedback 
> be helpful.

I had a rather lengthy discussion with Spectrapure when I bought a
new RO a few months ago. According to them, they either make or
advised a great number of the RO sellers out there.

According to them, the factors governing water output include:
water hardness, pressure, temperature, contaminant level,
cleanliness of pre-filters, etc.

The unit I bought has both a pressure gauge and an electrical
conductivity meter to "quick-test" the quality of the output water.
According to it, my water pressure is 92 psi. My water hardness
is 110 ppm, no buffering capacity.

Keeping in mind that the units are rated at 70 psi, I was amazed
when I realized that my 50 gpd unit was producing 120 gpd.
When I called, they said that was perfectly normal for the above

They never mentioned TFC hydration. The output has not changed
since day one.

Jon Wilson
jwilson at b856s3_ssc.af.mil