Re: fw:HELP! High CO2

Joanne Stevens writes......

>I wondered if maybe the tap water I used to do the water change (since
>I had no RO water on hand) had caused the cloudiness. I had used
>Tetra Aqua Safe One Step chlorine, chloramine, toxic ammonia remover.
>I added a polyfilter to the tank & changed one of the carbons in
>one of the two aquclear 150 powerfilters.

You have quite a few things going on there. Although I may attract
criticism with this suggestion, you could try changing chloramine
removers. AMQUEL is reportedly very good and will remove ammonia as
well. Otherwise determine the levels of chloramine in your tap water
from the lab that monitors the water treatment plant in your area
and add the exact amount of the Tetra product needed, and no more.