re:Live food... or parasites?

>- - free swimming planktonic worms (also seem to be in the gravel), about =
>1cm long and as thick as a hair, whitish, wriggle like crazy.

Don't know, sounds like some kind of fly or mosquito larvae.

>- -scales on the glass and UGF uplift tubes, about 2mm across, milky =
>colored with a dark cyst on top. These do move about the glass but not =
>fast enough to be visible.

I'll bet they're limpets.  These are a kind of snail.  That's all I know.

>- -green daphnia like animals, they may even be daphnia, but I have also =
>read of similar descriptions of a "fish louse."

I think I have these too, they seem to disappear when you get fish, 
particularly small ones.

>- -some tiny (<1mm) worms that slither around on the glass and probably in =
>the gravel as well. Yellowish color. 

I've had these too.  Baby fish and ghost shrimp like to eat them.

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