re: DIY CO2 generator tip #48....

>Just a little note.  DO NOT LEAVE DIY (yeast in the 1 liter bottle ) 
>CO2 Generators shut off completely without a vent!  I did this 
>(wanted to check water chem. and pH was a little low, so I turned it 
>off at the gang valve).  Needless to say, I just came home from work 
>to find my walls, and everything within 6 feet sprayed down with 
>Yeast enriched simple syrup.  What a mess. About 1/2 a liter sprayed 
>out when the pressure uncuppled the hose from the gang valve.  Oh 
>well, live and learn.  

Been there, done that, except mine was a glass bottle.  Really messy.
My story's in the CO2 articles in the Krib.

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