Dupla fertilizer ingredients

Hi everyone,

After Claus posted the ingredients from the Tropica Master Grow fertilizer
I tried to compare it to info posted by George Booth on rec.aquaria in 1994
that I found in the archives.  The Dupla analyses that George posted only
analyzed metal components & I was wondering if anyone had done/seen an
anyalysis of the non-metal components, specifically sulphur which is a
major component of the TMG product.

Also, I was wondering why the TMG product contains no sodium whereas the
Dupla products do.

Also, looking back at George's analyses I now see why Duplagan is necessary
- it is the only one of their products which contains large amounts of
magnesium, which is probably important to add if you use RO water like I do.
My tap water contains about 30 ppm magnesium, but it also contains about
300 ppm CaCO3.  I was under the impression that Duplagan might be
similar to peat-water (tap water soaked with peat for a few days) but
I now think I'm wrong since the peat would remove calcium & magnesium &
possibly other beneficial 2+ ions (e.g. Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn).

I'd appreciate any further info on this subject.