Moving a planted tank?

> From: AAronson at aol_com
> Any suggestions?  I've got a 38 gallon heavily planted tank with Crypts,
> Anubias, Bacopa, and Hygro from my old apartment to my new one about 20
> minutes away.  I imagine the best thing to do is not remove the plants from
> the gravel, just remove 90% of the water and spray the plants with tank water
> in an atomizer while my buddy drives.
> Any suggestions?

I wouldn't worry much about it.  Take the plants out and wrap them in
wet newspaper or put them in plastic bags.  We have shipped plants to
people this way and have had no problems.  Trying to move the tank
with some water and gravel is probably hard on the tank and yourself.

Hey, great time to add substrate heating coils <g>