Buying Plants from people on this list?


I finally finished setting up my first plant tank last week, and went to 
the local stores with my plant book in hand looking for the plants I 
had planned to start with in the new tank (an 85gal).  What I discovered 
was that the plants were much more expensive than I thought, and most of 
them looked pretty bad in the stores' dark and dingy "plant" tanks. Being 
so anxious to get started, I bought a few assorted plants anyway (a 
couple of Ech. bleheri, a few bunches of Hygro. corymbosa, two bunches of 
Hygro. polysperma, various rotala, and some Sagittaria). The Sagittaria 
and the swords looked so bad I doubt they will survive in my new tank. I 
probably shouldn't have got them even with the 50% off. This morning I 
noticed that the swords have this dark green fur-like algae all over the 
leaves, despite my soaking them in a bleach solution as per reading this 

Anyway, would anyone of you with established tanks willing to sell some 
of your cuttings/babies etc. to a newbie? I am confident that getting 
plants from an experienced hobbyest is safer than getting plants from 
stores. Oh yes, since I am in Canada, I am probably restricted to getting 
plants plant from within Canada. Importing livestock and plants is likely 
too problematic for its worth. Thanks.

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