Re: Tropica fertilizer

Michael writes
> This one is for Claus Christensen:

> Yesterday I saw some Tropica plant fertilizer sold in a small
> aquarium store here in Munich. I didn't know that you were also
> selling your own fertilizer.
> Here's the big question: is it the same fertilizer you are using
>  (for the submerse cultures) in your greenhouses in Denmark?
No - it is not! There is a good reason for that!
Of cause we have used all our experience and knowledge from
growing aquarium plants in 25 years, but there is a big difference
between aquarium and Tropica's submerse culture. In an aquarium
you have fish and all the space is not filled with plants!
When you feed the fish and their excrements are decomposed in
the aquarium, a lot of plants nutrients are released! Too much of
some nutrients (phosphorus and nitrate) and to little of others
(potassium, iron, manganese and other micro-nutrients).
We tested many aquariums (water analyses and dynamic factors
as water changes, quantity of fish, plants and the consumption
of fish food).
That information we combine with our knowledge about the
average optimum of nutrients for aquarium plant growth!
A computer model of the dynamic in an average aquarium was
build - and used when I with biologist made the recipe for
Tropica Master grow.

In the Tropica Master grow fertilizer we have naturally only
added what there is missing in an aquarium!
After that we have tested our recipe in 5 test aquariums at
Tropica and in a long time test among 50 aquarium owners in
many different countries!

> I know you probably won't be able to tell us the constitution
> of the fluid, but maybe some features?
It is no secret! We tell it in the declaration on the bottle
(K 0.79%, Mg 0.39%, S 1.01%, B 0.004%, Cu 0.006%, Fe 0.07%,
Mn 0.04%, Mo 0.002% Zn 0.002%. HEEDTA and DTPA as celators).
We have the idea: "aquarium owners have the right to know what
they put into their aquarium"!

Claus Christensen (Tropica)