RE: Electric Lamps

Hi, everyone!
I have been lurking on this list for a while now, and I find it very 
interesting.  I currently have a 48g tank with Severums and plastic plants. 
 This tank is on a stand we made ourselves, and we planned it so that we 
could add another tank in the bottom, hopefully a well-planted one.

I don't know where to start as for lighting, tank size, etc.  I thought of 
buying fluorescent light fixtures and attach them on the stand, under the 
1st tank, and keep the bottom tank uncovered.   The fluorescent lights I'm 
looking at are called FLO-Gro, and the local store has refills from Gro-Lux, 
for which I have heard bad comments (but I could be able to order refills 
from Flo-gro).  I would like to put at least one like that (30W - 24 inches) 
and another regular fluorescent.  But these lights have no protective cover 
against water splashes.  Depending on the height of tank I'm going to buy, 
there would be 4' to 6' between the water and the bulbs.  What I'm concerned 
about is the rusting or the potential electrical problems I could encounter 
with such a set-up.  Anyone have any comments?

Also, I would like to have suggestions on plants that would grow well 
outside the tank.
For example, are there any brackish-water plants on the market?

Thanks, Martin, for the very informative description of lights!

Christelle          christel at gov_nb.ca