Re: George Booth

> From: Charles Bay <cbay at milton_ecte.uswc.uswest.com>
> <nice review deleted>

I want to thank Charley for the nice review. 

> > Do you have enough successful growth that 
> > you can sell-back to your local store for credit?  [snip]

I've sold to local stores, sold at the Colorado Aquarium Society
auctions and have sold to individuals setting up new tanks.  I
typically will sell enough plants to stock a 100-150 gallon tank for
around $150.  It almost pays for the Dupla stuff I use :-). 

> I saw four tanks he is keeping, all packed full of plants and fish.
> All four were "big" tanks--?50+ gallons. 

85, 90, 100 and 120 gallons. 

> Very nice trip.  I highly reccommend it.  Of course, maybe I was a
> bit pushy at selecting the date and time he should invite me over, 
> becuase he "forgot" to offer me a soda.  :-)

Ah, I was wondering why *you* forgot to bring a six-pack :-).

I have hosted a number of netters over the years and always enjoy
giving a "tour".  Feel free to contact me when you are in the
Northern Colorado area.  I love to show off (in case you haven't