Stephens Plant Tank II... comments welcome

> From: mark.stephens at gsfc_nasa.gov (mark stephens)
> 5)  Wash all the gravel (a definite July/August activity), use Dupla
> laterrite again.  I'm up for other additives but the threads on vermiculite
> et. al. seem a tad unsettled yet.

A word of warning - it's very difficult to get all the laterite washed
out of the gravel.  I tried this when I redid our 100g tank a year
ago.  I washed it all, then mixed new laterite in the lower 1/3.  The
problem was that the top 2/3 still had enough laterite to cloud the
water for two weeks.  Unlike my usual experience with Dupla laterite, 
it didn't seem to settle out this time. 

Save yourself a lot of trouble and get new gravel for the top layer.